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Li-Ying was born and raised in China living under the strict regime of the government's Cultural Revolution.  The daughter of intellectual parents, her life was in constant danger and she grew up believing that academic performance and perfectionism were the keys to survival and fulfillment. After high school, following a strong desire to find freedom and get to know family members  who lived in the United States. She left her life in China to pursue the American dream.  

Overcoming the plights of a young immigrant who did not speak the language, she obtained her master's in Computer Science from a prestigious university and became a successful lead engineer. While working for AT&T Bell labs, her team made the world's first "Text Message" for mobile phones. 

Being an avid reader since her youth, she has dreamed about writing stories since the age of 5. Having completed Wings of Silk is her childhood dream coming to the fruition.

Today, she is happily married to a wonderful man and has two darling sons who she loves with all her heart. She is an advocate for living a life of freedom found on self-respect and pursuing  happiness. 

She hopes readers of Wings of Silk will be inspired by the lessons of forgiveness, grace, and the power of God's love. 


She resides in her hometown of San Diego, California, with her family. ​Li-Ying is an avid reader with a passion for books and beautiful writing. She also enjoys tennis, hiking, cooking, meeting with friends and butterflies! As a matter of fact, she is a butterfly fanatic and has a special bond with them ever since young. This photo is her chasing the butterfly at age 5. 


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