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Release Date:  Tuesday, November 2, 2021 on Amazon and Barnes&Noble

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Wings of Silk is a beautifully written piece of historical fiction. This sweeping, emotional journey crafted by debut author Li-Ying Lundquist, is at once, deeply moving and incredibly inspirational; a true testament to the power of resilience.


- Holly Kammier, bestselling Author of Lost Girl, A Shelby Day Novel.

"With powerful lessons on forgiveness, redemption, and courage, Wings of Silk will sweep readers into this coming-of-age story about a spirited young women who immigrated to America in pursuit of love, opportunity, and hope." 

- Christina Mai Fong, Author of Under the Lavender Moon.



Wings of Silk relates a fantastic Homeric journey of a young girl who faces an endless chain of terrible heartbreaks, challenges and life obstacles. Few could survive the painful difficulties of her childhood, from separation from her parents during the upheaval of Mao’s Cultural Revolution and enduring harsh communal living to losing her hopes while gaining too many enemies. Gifted in many ways but not speaking English, Li-Ying finds the rare good fortune to study in America. Landing in New York on alien streets and too often left alone in the dangers of the night, she suffers unbelievable abandonments and learns that the worst possible enemy can be a man who claims to love her.  The reader cries for her agonies in a foreign land and cheers for her triumph of the spirit. We follow her into an adulthood rife with cultural challenges, hazards and confusing opportunities so unlike life in her land of origin. Experiencing the pains of the immigrant existence, she finds her deepest courage, her most admirable grit and her saving faith. Will she find that desired intersection of her dreams, her efforts, her talents and her deepest loves, in an unlikely place and an improbable time? Whatever the answer, how can we not admire an accomplished person who by writing, nobly and heroically guides us to the courage and beliefs that can save us all? Three hurrahs for the heroic Li-Ying

-Gus Lee, Author, China Boy; Courage: The Backbone of Leadership; With Schwarzkopf: Life Lessons of the Bear; and The Courage Playbook: Five Steps to Overcome Your Fears and Become Your Best Self (Wiley & Sons, 2022).

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